What would it feel like if you had an automated supply of the freshest, most nourishing and high-quality food you and your family would ever need...
And what if this never-ending food supply was available to you 24/7, for pennies on the dollar?
Read on for the shockingly simple routine any family can use to make fresh, nutritious, and ‘emergency-prepared’ food almost out of thin air... at any time, and in any economy.

(This routine works even if you were unable to leave home, became too sick to work, and even if you had no money in the bank.)
Over the last 3 decades...

10 million people have used the highly-secretive strategies and techniques on this page to safeguard themselves against soul crushing tragedies, like:
  • Hurricanes
  • Food shortage
  • ​Medical emergencies
  • ​Lack of money and essential resources
  • ​Economic downfall
  • ​And all kinds of natural disasters... 
...yet NONE of these 10 million people have been willing to share these secrets with anyone else.

And for good reason.

(More on that in a sec)  

As you read through this page, I’ll give you all the ‘almost foreign’ and self-reliant survival strategies for preparing your family for the unknown. 

Plus, you’ll see exactly how you can create an endless supply of nutritious, tasty, and fresh foods that’ll secure your family's livelihood for life

These well-kept and highly-protected survival strategies were specifically designed to:
  • Provide the necessary nutrients not found in most canned foods.
  • Control their own steady, continuous supply of top-quality food, for pennies on the dollar.
  • Gain complete control of what they eat, when they eat, and how they eat it… especially when supermarkets are not available, the climate is unstable, or if money is scarce.
  • Master the routine of cultivating and growing fresh food, right in their own homes… and experience stress-relief as they do it, with some enjoyable exercise outdoors too.
  • Enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that just taste better while providing clean energy and a rush of ‘feel good’ nutrients all at the same time.
  • And so much more…
These Well-Kept Survival Secrets Don’t Just Protect The Livelihood Of Any Family, Even In The Leanest Of Times…
These Almost-Secret Strategies Also Provide An Endless Supply of Top-Quality Foods For Just a Couple Bucks A Week
Obviously… you’re intrigued about all of this and for good reason.

And since you want to know all about how this works...

Let me explain every single well-kept technique the smartest, healthiest, and best-prepared families are using right now.
Before we continue, let me tell you who I am,
and how it all started.
My name is Jeff Chandler and I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast who’s been training in survival and home defense since I was a teenager.  

Funny enough, I was introduced to the outdoors through a scout group in our neighborhood… and I’ve loved it since.
I even remember how our Troop had a monthly outing, no matter the conditions... and how frightened yet excited I felt as I embarked on these life changing trips.
During these times, I became intensely immersed and oriented in survival skills that were not only highly-advanced...

I later found out these invaluable skills would truly last me a lifetime - even when times reach their scariest and leanest.
(but more on that in a second)
But I Didn’t Realize That I Would Have To
Face Life-Or-Death Challenges...
My most memorable outing was a survival trip I took with our troop.

It was a freezing cold and physically debilitating winter, where the entire town was buried in about a foot of snow.

To make things worse…

We were only allowed to take a single sleeping bag with us, and only the essential nutrients we’d need… and we could only bring what could fit in a small coffee can.

And for a young teenager, you can only imagine how terrifying and intimidating this scenario could really be.
What’s scariest was how, just the first day in, I realized I didn’t have enough food or fresh water with me to stay as healthy and nourished as I needed to be to make it through this experience…
Thankfully, my earliest survival experience kicked in... and I remembered how to stay calm and self-sufficient, instead of reacting out of fear.

So to get enough nutrients...

I had to learn how to barter some of my supplies with others in my troop...

And I learned how to negotiate and trade my supplies I had brought with me, in exchange for the foods and proteins the other people in my troop already had.

(At this point, it was critical that I had ALL the nutrients I'd need if I wanted to stay as healthy and alert as possible.)

And thankfully, it worked.

But what’s more important here is that I learned how to become self-reliant in threatening situations, so I could protect my livelihood...  

So I could count on me and ONLY me, wherever and whenever I needed to...

Especially when my well-being and safety was at risk.


Instinctively, I knew I had to stay prepared and on my toes. Because another emergency could strike at any moment.

Lo and behold...

On the second night, all of my clothes became soaking wet and freezing cold because of the weather and the murky environment we were in...

And I knew this could be a physically threatening situation.

Unlike the peers in my troop, I did my best to stay calm. 

I threw off my pants and got in the sleeping bag so I could warm up, and rest overnight before things could get any scarier.  

And when I finally woke up, I had no clue my pants froze solid as I slept…

After discovering that the next morning, I had to figure out how to deal with it and decided to tie a rope around my sleeping bag as a makeshift belt.   

Then I built a fire to thaw out my clothes and do my best to dry them.  

With this same fire, I was also able to heat up some of the left-over meats and proteins that almost went bad. 

From there I found out that… 
Nobody Will Ever Come To “Save Us” When Economic Shortages, Social Unrest, Or Natural Disasters Hit Us Out Of Nowhere...
So Understand That Being Concerned and Well-Prepared At All Times Is A God-Given Right We Need To Exercise

Every self-respecting person needs to get serious when we think about surviving during the scariest of times, protecting our homes, and supporting our families. 

And when it comes to food, water, safety, and nutrition… 

Most of us think of fresh food, nutrients, and other life-affirming necessities as things that are only available to get from markets.  

Or that these are things we could only get them from select farmers. 

In general, we think of food and water as something “that comes from other people.” 

But I don’t think that way at all, and for good reason… 

If there’s anything my training has taught me, it is to be well-prepared at all times… especially when things appear to be at their “safest.” 

Because that’s when disasters can strike out of nowhere. 

That’s why I’ve carefully put together a tight-knitted, highly-selective, and almost-secretive group a few decades ago where we all abide by an undeniable, single truth:
Dangerous and Lean Times Will Fall Upon Us Whether or Not We Expect Them To…
And When People Get Desperate, They’ll Willingly Snatch Away Your Most Precious Resources So They Can Survive Another Day 
See… when I discovered the system I’m giving you today, it was because of:
  • The disasters and turmoil of 2011, where millions of people were panic-stricken during the Texas drought.
  • ​The massive waves of hysteria that began raging across the globe in the 2020 pandemic, where many families became unsafe and ill-prepared.
  • ​The first-hand accounts of witnessing desiccated fields and burning prairie grass during natural disasters, fires, and hurricanes.
  • ​The dozens of markets, stores, and suppliers in small towns that were literally running out of fresh food and basic supplies many times over.
  • ​When everyday people like you and I become victims to these types of things that we would usually see on the news… and mistakenly think “this would never happen to me anyway.”
  • ​It was because of hurricanes, floods, wars, world-wide diseases, and countless other issues we would never see coming!
Because of this…

I knew I NEEDED to tap into my private network - and my own survival training experience - to find options that would keep my family covered for life.

I wanted us to be completely safe and secure, especially when it comes to food, water, and having an abundant supply of MONEY…

I needed something that was proven and reliable to keep us feeling safe and secure during the scarcest, and scariest times.

So I spent countless days dissecting exactly how small-town farmers had an abundant food supply all year long, while diligently studying the work of the most respected home-defense and survival experts around…

I spent months upon months researching topics around well-drilling, farming techniques, home gardening, and self-defense.
After Spending Nearly 1 Year On All of This, The Answers I Sought After Finally Revealed Themselves To Me
See, it turns out that some of the self-reliant, independent, and even lowest-income families in the smallest towns were literally living like royalty.

They were some of the healthiest, happiest, and most relaxed people I’ve ever met. 

And even though they didn't have a ton of money or a higher education… 

They made up for with a well-kept and ‘almost-hidden’ system for providing a steady, robust supply of fresh, delicious food on demand.
And when I finally saw it all for myself,
I could hardly believe my eyes…
I HAD to ask myself…
  • How is it that some of the most modest and humble families in the world had an endless supply of top-quality food to last them a lifetime - for PENNIES on the dollar?
  • ​How was it that they all OWNED the most valuable and most practical tools and nutrients NEEDED for survival… and how did they set it all up so they had this available to them 24/7, to use, own, and consume at ANY time? 
And to add to that...
I Was Shocked At How Cheap, Simple, And Easy It Was To Put This Entire ‘Survival Food System’ Into Immediate Use…
So with 100% permission…

I started putting these secret and almost-foreign ‘survival garden’ strategies to use for myself, and my own family. 

And with a small amount of effort...  

Everything I’ve ever needed was already set up to work FOR me.  

This system was put to work for my family.  

To protect our health, well-being, and happiness while providing the security we needed to last us a lifetime. 

And it turns out this survival gardening system worked just perfectly for us.  

With little-to-no maintenance to boot. 

I mean, with just a few hours per week and a pocket full of cash…  

I finally OWNED my own non-stop supply of fresh food, day in and day out. And it was mine to consume, protect, and distribute how I pleased! 

Plus, my family was completely safe and independent. 

And, I loved the fact that:  
  • This survival system was simple and pleasant to implement, and was easily put into motion as I began reaping the rewards almost-immediately.
  • ​This survival gardening system even helped me to relieve stress and find a quiet inner-peace whenever I spent a couple hours to maintain everything we had.
  • I loved the fact that my wife and I were able to reap the benefits of this system… and save money on our grocery bills.
  • ​And I felt so RELIEVED to know that we would always live in a warm, safe and comfortable home.
And once I saw how jealous and envious my friends, extended family members, and my neighbors became…

And how much they begged me to teach them this proprietary, exclusive, and almost-hidden survival system…

I knew I was onto something truly life-saving invaluable - and that it was finally time to document everything and share it with the world.
That’s how the entire
Evergreen Survival Garden System was born.
The only proven, beginner-friendly, and highly-affordable guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own endless supply of delicious, tasty, organic foods… so you can thrive, even during the toughest of times.
As you already know, this system was created and followed by some of the most-reliant people in the world. 

The system was something that was kept secret from the general public… and it was something used by people who had little money, yet lived like royalty. 

If you follow these basic, step-by-step instructions, using a couple of gardening tools, and can afford a couple hours a month…  

Then you can reap the full-benefits of this system with no problem.
"Jeff has taught me all sorts of outdoors skills. Without his help I would have never learned how to build a fire, use a map and compass, and surely would not have been prepared with everything I needed to bring in my backpack. (You wouldn't want to be caught out in the woods without your trusty orange shovel!) 

Jeff provides an abundance of great advice and skills that he's picked up over his lifelong experience in the great outdoors that will ensure anyone from first time campers to seasoned veterans will be prepared to take on anything."

Jason P.
  • Learn how to move your family ‘off the grid,’ and stay happy, healthy, and alive... even when critical foods and living resources are suddenly stripped away from you. Also discover how to avoid the panic-stricken crowds and the fearful ‘herd-mentality’ when it comes to lifelong security and survival… while you also get to eat better than most of the population for pennies on the dollar.
  • From day one, you’ll uncover every single step you’ll need to own your own ‘survival garden’ so that you don’t end ever up confused, broke, or malnourished during ANY struggle.
  • See how to plan and take care of your garden… for just a couple hours a month, that can fit any budget. We’ll also cover techniques to help you make the very most out of your harvest each year.
  • You’ll be given expert tips on how to protect your garden from insects, animals, weeds, disease and trespassers, and how to camouflage your garden from unwanted visitors.
  • ​We’ll let you ‘maximize’ everything you’ll grow, consume, or cultivate… because after you’ve harvested your garden, we’ll show you exactly how to store food and create a “survival seed bank” so that you and your family will be prepared for longer lifelong sustainability.
  • We’ll lead you by the hand and give you the extremely simple, yet powerful ideas you’ll need for getting an instant start at survival gardening, while maximizing your budget, and SO much more… and you’ll see how to avoid the most common mistakes people make when it comes to reducing (or eliminating) the use of ANY chemicals in the food they eat.
  • Save countless hours of research, grocery shopping, and needless “errands” by getting your hands on the ultimate blueprint for creating an endless supply of life-affirming foods that’ll keep you and your family healthy, wealthy and wise. (even if you suddenly lose your jobs!)
  • ​Snatch these insider-secrets to help you pick and choose the gardening foods like the pro’s do… the specific foods that’ll last the longest, that’ll fit your budget, and will grow best in your specific area… and understand how to quickly and easily protect your personal ‘survival harvest’ for life.
  • Get to know the planning, planting, and survival-gardening techniques that have been privately kept away from the general public eye… until now. These ‘shortcut’ gardening techniques are what the most self-reliant and the most healthy families keep secret… and what allows them to maintain their endless supply of nutritious foods for pennies, and how they stay healthy and happy even during the most unstable times.
  • Get the time-saving secrets for keeping insects, animals, and other humans away from your survival garden! This is how you protect your investments for life, and ensure that your own survival garden stays around any time you’ll ever need it… for life.
  • Leverage the most efficient and cheapest ways to eliminate preservatives and harmful chemicals from your foods. And don’t worry about running out of seed because this is where you learn tactics of creating your own seed bank that will last for the times to come.
  • Get ‘insider-help’ on choosing the right type of garden that works best for you based on your budget, location and amount of space you have for a garden. We’ll cover options for both indoor and outdoor garden options that can provide for your family. Plus, you’ll get the best beginner-friendly techniques for choosing the best plants for your garden too.
The only proven, beginner-friendly, and highly-affordable guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own endless supply of delicious, tasty, organic foods… so you can thrive, even during the toughest of times.
$297 Value
Only $27 Today
To date, more than 10,000,000 families have used this “almost-hidden” survival system to permanently ditch their need to rely on anyone when it comes to their health, happiness, and well-being….
So with all of that being said, I want you to pause and think about this for a second...

How good will it feel to never have to worry about what you’re going to eat?

How safe and secure will you feel just knowing that you can be as healthy as you want, and eat HOWEVER you want….

All for about 15% of the cost it would cost you at public markets?

How relieved will you feel when you see that you’ll never have to stress out over the hidden chemicals hidden in the food you eat?

How happy are you going to be when you join the ranks of the 10,000,000 other self-reliant families who are enjoying an nonstop supply of garden fresh foods on-demand?

Remember, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars each month… and thousands each year… just by putting the Survival Garden System to work FOR you. 
"Jeff has taught me everything I know about the outdoors and camping. From how to make a shelter, start fire, and cooking with that fire, I now have the skills to survive with minimal supplies."

Aaron M
I want to give you the opportunity today to make sure that your home is filled with good faith, health, and love…
Especially when you can do it all without ever having to send another dime to the ‘food chains’ and greedy corporations who are getting rich off your family’s financial struggles.

Ultimately though, this is about taking action today. 

And because I understand how important this system is to you and your family… 

I’m not going to ask you to invest $1000 for this secret, even though I know it’s worth much more than that. 

It won’t cost you $500, or $300 either…(that’s the amount you’d probably spend on less than 1 month’s worth of food from greedy retailers anyway.) 

I want to let as many people as possible in on this, and help them break free from the shackles surrounding their health and their families survival… 

That’s why... if you act right now and only on this page, I'll let you have your very own Survival Garden System, including the manual, the diagrams, and all the cheat sheets and planning systems you’ll ever need for $27.
But the only way to secure your spot and lock in this special offer price is to click the Button Bellow NOW.
The only proven, beginner-friendly, and highly-affordable guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own endless supply of delicious, tasty, organic foods… so you can thrive, even during the toughest of times.
$297 Value
Only $27 Today
"Our family has enjoyed the fruits of Jeff’s gardening labors for years. He even pollinated his own cantaloupes when there weren’t enough bees!"

Tricia C
This is my promise to you: when you use the over-the-shoulder guides, the step-by-step blueprints, the illustrated instructions, and the materials cheat-sheet I’m giving you…
You’ll benefit from this system with just a couple hours per month, and a few bucks per week.
I’ll back up that entire promise by taking all the risk away from you when you invest in this system today.
Get the course today… and put it to the test…

See how easy it is to have clean, delicious, and healthy food for as long as you live with The Evergreen Survival Garden.

Feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re fully protected from any type of disaster…

And see what it’s like be truly independent with this virtually unlimited nutrition source… all in less than 30 minutes from right now.

You have 60 days to decide whether this was a good investment or not.

And if you’re less than thrilled with how much you’re saving on food and groceries, just write us a short email at the address you’ll find in the members area…

We’ll give you an immediate refund – even if it’s the 23rd hour of the 59th day.
Right now, you can choose one of three paths…
  • I know you could just walk away and shrug this off… and risk paying an extra $300 a month or more on groceries that come from greedy food chains… where you’ll have to buy food laced with chemicals you can’t even pronounce. (The prices are already shooting through the roof for healthy foods, and sooner than later you’ll realize you’re going to need to remortgage just to keep your family healthy and well.
  • You could try figuring it out on your own… that’s if you can afford the $12,000 on trial and error, wasting months of your life while driving yourself crazy while you try your luck and risk failure at harvesting. (like way too many people stubbornly do)
  • Or, you can do what over 10,000,000 families do, while letting me take all the risk FOR you. Join over 10,000,000 healthy and self-reliant families, and grab your copy of the Survival Garden System now.
Once you do that…

See how fun it is and pleasant to have all the food and peace of mind you’ll ever need for you and your family…

With barely any investment when it comes to time, effort, and money.

And with our generous 60 day guarantee, there's really no way you can lose.
Just click that button that you see below now.
The only proven, beginner-friendly, and highly-affordable guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own endless supply of delicious, tasty, organic foods… so you can thrive, even during the toughest of times.
$297 Value
Only $27 Today
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Chandler

Founder & CEO - Red Sky Survival
P.S. I know that sometimes it can be scary to take that first step now.

So, to help you feel fully confident in the investment you’re about to make, let me explain what will happen once you invest in the system today: 

You`ll be brought right to our secure order page and will be able to grab your copy of The Evergreen Survival Garden System with all the templates, guides, and material you’ll need at this special offer price. 

And once you do, take full advantage of everything inside so you don't miss out on the opportunity… with a full 60 days to try it out with zero risk.

And understand that when the world outside will go crazy to snag up a healthy supply of food, water, money, and other necessities… 

Your family will have enough to eat, drink, cook, and to enjoy life on ANY budget. 

The bottom line is, you need to get this system fast - while you can - to get your hands on this proven way to ensure your everyday health and lifelong survival.
The only proven, beginner-friendly, and highly-affordable guide showing you EXACTLY how to create your own endless supply of delicious, tasty, organic foods… so you can thrive, even during the toughest of times.
$297 Value
Only $27 Today
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